Abe & Mary's

Abe & Mary’s is a unique restaurant/boutique where Stikki had a chance to adorn the walls with multiple murals.

Canadian Embassy (France)

One of the invited artists for the Canadian Embassy in Paris, France, Stikki dedicated his mural to the legendary Gilles Villeneuve.


Long-time artist for the Escondite franchise, Stikki serves up Frida Kahlo inspired art to grace the walls of this great Mexican restaurant, in Montreal.

Fugazzi Pizzeria

Not only does Fugazzi showcase one of Stikki’s murals and have great food, their pizza boxes rock Stikki’s artwork too.

Mass Appeal NYC

Since 1996, Mass Appeal NYC has been documenting youth-born movements worldwide. Stikki’s James Dean adorns on of their office walls.

Musée Des Beaux Arts DU Québec

It was an honor for Stikki to have his work displayed at the Musée Des Beaux Arts in Québec City, Canada, alongside a permanent Riopel installation for the opening of the new Pierre Lasonde pavillion. 

Nike "El Classico"

A charity event with Montreal’s own Romero’s Gin and world renowened football teams,  FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, Stikki lived a childhood dream to work with these giants, to raise money for a great cause, during the El Classico match in 2017.

Nike Headquarters NYC 2017

The Nike headquarters in NYC got a Stikki-style face lift when he was asked to lend his unique work to their walls.

Orr Cafe

Stikki’s classic Kate Moss mural adorns this unique café, offering more than just lattés. Watch movies, join workshops or just soak in the vibe of this charasmatic spot. 


Oscar winning visual effects studio Rodeo FX in Montreal, Canada appropriately displays a Clint Eastwood mural by Stikki.

Romeo'S GIN Museum

Rome’s Gin is an award winning gin from Montreal, who strongly supports local artists. Stikki’s Mona Lisa is just one of 24 artist murals creating this unique, multilevel, starwell urban art museum. 

Spin Seattle

Spin is your coolest spot to keep your ping pong skills sharp. Stikki has been working alongside the Spin franchise for the past 5 years, having work in San Francisco, New York and this, the latest in Seattle. 

The Source Denver

The Source Hotel in Denver boasts some killer rooms, a beautiful rooftop and a Stikki mural of Sophia Lauren.


The W Hotel is known for it’s luxurious rooms and stellar experiences. A Stikki Peaches x WIA X Scanner collab was perfect for their walls.

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stikki peaches canvas

Stay tuned for the next projects and partnerships.

Stikki Peaches Montreal


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